Friends of Stinson Library District was formed in October 2001 for the purpose of building community support for the library and its programs and services.

What do Friends do?

– Hold used book sales

– Give a book to every child in the Head Start Program

– Support library programs

– Raise funds for library improvements

– Offer volunteer opportunities in Friends activities

– Encourage donations from businesses and community members

History of the Friends

History of Friends:
The original Friends of Stinson Library District was formed in October 2001 for the purpose of building community support for the library and its programs and services. “Friends” as it has become known to many, was founded as an association of individuals, civic organizations, and local businesses who worked in support of the library district by assisting in specific projects by conducting used book sales. The role of the group has grown somewhat since its conception and now in addition to assisting in specific projects, “Friends” recommends and funds new programs, projects, and services for the library. Friends of Stinson is a not-for-profit corporation. Governance is provided by an eleven-member board of directors, all of whom are volunteers elected by the members of the corporation at the annual meeting held on the first Monday of July each year. This is held at Stinson Library at 10:00 am and is open to everyone who shares a desire to see the local library district succeed in it’s role in the continued growth and development of our community. 


Regular meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at 10:00 am in the basement of Stinson Library unless otherwise noted.

The Friends Annual Meeting takes place before the July meeting. Visitors and members are always welcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

How our Friends group helps support our library and its branches and the community:

* Improvements such as book shelving, furniture, lighting, security system, and landscaping.

* Commitment of funds to purchase books for Stinson and its branches

* Monetary contribution to the library’s Summer Reading Program and Book-in-Every-Home Project

* Donates new books to local school libraries and funds the Book In Every Home Project and the Mark Fahlberg School Book Project.

How do we generate funds?

* We have advertised sales of donated books at least three times a year – Winter, Spring, and Fall.

* Sale of donated paperback and hardcover books and other items available at the library

* Membership dues, donations, and endowments.

How can you become a “Friend”?

*Individual membership – $5 per year (July 1st to June 30th)

*Business membership – $25/year

*Benefactor – any organization, business, or individual gifting over $100 – Recognition on a library plaque

* Individual lifetime membership – $100 – Recognition on a library plaque.

* Send your check made out to Friends of Stinson Library, Inc.

                                               409 South Main Street

                                               Anna, IL 62920

Benefits of becoming a “Friend”:

Admission to our Friday members only book sales

Receiving our annual newsletter.

Pride in helping maintain our historical Anna library.

Friends of Stinson Library Lifetime Members
Jackie Beatty
Jim CarterMary
Ann Eblen*
Mickey Finch
Josephine Lewis*
Ann Ayers Martin
Janet Mears
Patricia Meller
Janis Shannon
Ai-Ran Wells

Dr. Steve Beatty
Midyette Bigler
Brenda Edgar
Gov. Jim Edgar
Betty Sue Elkins
Rose Hogan
Kasey Rueffer*
Marilyn Keller
Golda Kesler
Jerry Reppert
Sharon Schaefer*
Lynn F. Steveson
Annette Vaughn*
Maxine Williamson

Jane Brown*
Shirley Cunningham*
Judith Ferguson-Parks
Richard C. Parks
Kathy Tolson
Luisa Vercide
Judy Watkins*

Vicki Beadle
Judge Dick Bigler
Sandy Davis
Nancy Hubbs Gunn
Velina Hartmann
Janet Hunter
Betty Mattheis*
Kay Schaefer*
John Watkins
Nancy Welborn

Mona Diefenbach
Richard Diefenbach
Shirley Harris
Susan Hase
L. Ayn West

Sandra Carter
Bill Eblen

Marilyn Belcher
Elijah Glen Ellis
Gladys P. Freeze
Stan Hunter
Martha Ellen Lankheit
Earl W. Ellis
Breckstin Schaefer
Martha Ann Webb

Sandy Boaz
Jane Bohannon
Mark Fahlberg*
Patricia Fahlberg*
Bill Cunningham*
Bill Jackson*
Pat Jackson*
Carole Larsen
Lars Larsen
Rachel Kaufman
Bruce Williams
Rusty Flamm
Goef Skinner

Bruce Agne*
Carla Anderson

David Karraker
Linda Karraker
Jean Sellur
Shirley Spurlock
Helen Towner
Kathryn Stegle

Sheree Fahlberg
Linda Hileman
Terry Hileman
Paul Kruty
Aaron Lisec
John M. Stegle
Beverly Warshawsky
Robert Weeks

Bessie Mae Ellis
Judy Lyerla
Barbara Sibert
Allen Stanley

Connie Ray
J. Louise Williams*

Susan Belcher
Rachel Kell

Tammy Woodrum

Dr. Charles Halterman
Deborah Pribble Hudgens
Janice Lewellyn
Holly A Wohlwend

Dori Bigler
Jack Bigler
Brenda Curry
Kathleen Poulos

Andrea Whitthoft

Carl Dillow
Suzanne Dillow
Friends of The Library Annual Meeting – July 10, 2023

The Friends of Stinson Memorial Library District, Inc. Board of Directors will hold their annual meeting on Monday, July 10, 2023 at 10 am in the library auditorium for the purpose of hearing annual reports, filling 4 positions on the board of directors and other business as necessary.

Board positions will be filled by election by those members of the Friends of Stinson present at the meeting. All four of the board positions are for three year terms. The regular monthly meeting of the Friends of Stinson will immediately follow the annual meeting. All members are encouraged to attend and participate in both meetings.