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    • Good question! You may need to confirm that your library card is linked to our digital resources first. This can be done at the circulation desk at our main branch in Anna. I’d guess that this is what the problem is.

      After that, logging into the online catalog requires you to input your library card number without spaces (2018300xxxxxxx) and use the last four digits as a password (i.e. if a card barcode is 20183001234567 the password would be 4567).

      Search for the item you are interested in by name, author, or other pertinent information, and click the “Request it” button on the right side of the screen.

      I hope this helps, and I’m sorry for the late late reply!

  1. I was there last night for the event down stairs and I lost a cross necklace, I was wanting to know if anyone found it could you please keep it and I will come back and pick it up. It is silver and it means a lot to me. Thank you. I think you have a beautiful library, and if I lived in Anna I would visit all the time. At one time I really thought about moving here, and might still do. Would someone check down stairs and look around to see if you can find my necklace thanks again. My name is Carolyn Childs I left my email and here is my phone number as well 618-634-2629 and my cell 618-638-3928 thanks

    • I looked around yesterday and today with no luck. We’ll keep our eyes open for it and let you know if we find it.

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