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Stinson Library’s Facebook page
 – Actively updated with our latest news and events
Friends of Stinson Library – Leads triannual book sales and more
City of Anna – Our beloved hometown
Union County, IL Historical and Genealogy Society & Museum – Based in Cobden
Fantastic Fiction – Bibliographies for over 30,000 authors
Good Reads – Share book recommendations with friends, join book clubs, and more
Rated Reads – Reviews and rates books’ maturity content
Nebraska Library Commission – Searchable database of book series
Libraries.ORG– A directory of libraries throughout the world‘s Illinois page – Listing of public libraries around our great state
Accelerated Reader database – ATOS book level is used for our level reader collection

List of free digital libraries and resources


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You can check out up to 20 items at a time. If you only check out books, you can borrow them 20 at a time! If you have any other media checked out (DVDs, CDs, video games), this counts toward your total number of items. For example, if you check out 5 DVDs you may only check out 15 books until some items are returned.

Hi there! Sorry for the extremely late reply. Here are the steps:

1. Get a library card with us (which I believe you have).
2. We need to import your account into our digital system. We usually do this for everyone as their card is made, but sometimes we miss people so a quick phone call to us would fix that. (I checked your account and it is in the system.)
3. Direct your internet browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) to

From this point on, the steps will vary based on what device you are using to read the eBooks (iPhone, Android, Windows, etc.). For the most part, they will all involve installing the “Cloud Library” application and selecting Illinois Heartland Library System (not Stinson Library).

Below is a link to a quick start guide but if you have any questions feel free to call us.

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