Adult Summer Reading 2021

Summer Reading Bingo for adults!

  • Print out your Bingo Sheet (or stop by the library to get one)
  • Each book read / activity completed will fill a space
  • Fill five spaces in row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally)
  • Bring your book log and bingo sheet to the library for a chance to win a prize!

Are you unsure what books you can read to cross out any of the bingo spaces? We’ve found many third party websites that have the answer!
NOTE: Stinson Memorial Public Library District is not responsible for any content on any linked third party websites.

Here are the websites linked in the bingo card and why we picked them!

• The following spaces are linked to different relevant searches on our online catalog– the Online Patron Access Console (OPAC)
>”Read for two hours”
>”Read a biography”
>”Listen to an audiobook”
>”Read a book published since 2020″
>”Read a nonfiction book”
>”Read a graphic novel”
>”Read a young adult novel”

•The following spaces are linked to Wikipedia— there are loads of book award lists and many other detailed lists
>”Read a book by a Latinx author”
>”Read a romance”
>”Read a work of science fiction”
>the “before 1900” part of “Read a book published before 1900”
>”Read a book on racial inequality”
>”Read a book by a black author”
>”Read a book by an Illinois Author”
>”Read a book with an LGBTQ+ main character”

•The following spaces are linked to Goodreads— a book-lovers’ community with thoughtful book recommendations
>”Read a book by an author from another country”
>”Read a collection of short stories”

The following bingo spaces are linked to these sites:
>”Read a book by a female author” links to AbeBooks— a book market with some great articles for readers
>”Read a mystery” links to FantasticFiction— a staff pick to find books by genre or author with mostly complete author bibliographies (complete lists of publications)
>”Read a book that is part of a series” links to the Nebraska Library Commission— search a thorough resource for books by series and sub-series
>”Read any book you want (Free space)” links to the Online Computer Library Center— the biggest and oldest automated library catalog in the world!
*The “…horror…” part of “Read a work of horror or fantasy” links to the National Public Radio— having been in the public broadcasting business for a long time, they have developed a history of well-written articles about books
*The “…fantasy” part of “Read a work of horror or fantasy” links to Fantasy Book Review— a great resource for fans a the fantasy genre
-The “…book…” part of “Read a book published before 1900” links to Project Gutenburg— an amazing site for free ebooks over 100 years old that have entered the Public Domain
-The “before 1900” part of “Read a book published before 1900” links to a Wikipedia list of pre-1900 books
>”Like the library’s Facebook page” links to library’s page on Facebook— a wildly popular social media platform