Summer Reading 2020

Summer Reading week 3 is here! Check out the week 3 story and try the challenge!
Thomas and Ms. Beth

Summer Reading continues! Check out the videos for week 2 here!
-Thomas and Ms. Beth

Summer Reading has begun! Check out the videos for week 1 here!
-Thomas and Ms. Beth

This year, we will be hosting an online Summer Reading Program! We’re all going to head on an adventure together and Imagine our own summer reading story.

Each Wednesday, Ms. Beth will post a new storytime video with books that she is excited to share! She hopes they will spark your imagination this summer. She will also post a weekly video challenge with either a craft or an activity that you can complete at home! She would love to see pictures of the creative things you come up with, especially since she won’t be seeing you in person.

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Our book log this summer will be very special: there is a fairy tale princess who needs your help! She desperately needs to get a good night’s sleep, but the king has placed a pea underneath her mattress and she can’t get comfortable. Help her stack up mattresses by reading as many days as you can this summer! 

  1. Print the princess’s bed (or draw her one yourself!) 
  2. Add a mattress for each day you read 
    • You can draw mattresses on the bed in pretty colors or cut paper or magazines into mattress shapes for her to sleep on. 
  3. At the end of the summer, either stop by the library or send us a picture to show off your stack of mattresses for a special prize!
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Thank you all for choosing to participate in this year’s online Summer Reading Program! We really hope you enjoy it!!!