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To access our Kindle loaning library, the page you’ll want to go to is here. If there is anything we can do to help you get set up, give us a call or drop by sometime after 2:00 PM and ask for me.

Do you have any information on the old school house by the name Friendship School there is Anna that my Mother was telling me about yesterday. She was allowed to go to school at the age of 4-5 yrs because her brother was going there at the same time which would have been around 1930-1931? If so, how can I obtain whatever is available?
Thank you

Hi! I poked around a little and found this paragraph about when the school got merged into a larger school system.
Excerpt mentioning Friendship School

I also found a piece by the Illinois Geological Society that may help in locating where the school was more precisely. Here is the link.

We have a pretty good local history collection that may also include information that we are seeking. I invite you to come to our library and browse them as soon as we open the doors (in 3 days)!

I hope this helps, but if I am going in the wrong direction, please let me know and I will continue to seek out the information. Good luck!

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